About Us

To emerge as a leading Provider of Renewable Energy on a fast track basis in Ghana & West Africa, with priority on quality and timely delivery, thereby giving maximum value to the customer.

Who We Are

Naiko Engineering have over 10 years experience in the Solar Systems, Inverters and Power-Backup Solutions.

Naiko Engineering is the ONLY organization in the West African with the expertise in the Circuitry-Design and Micro-Controller configuration of Hybrid Solar (Automatic Monitoring Changeover System) for the OFF GRID Solar and inverter combined solutions.

Naiko Engineering provides high quality renewable energy systems (Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Solar Systems) to homes, businesses and industries across Ghana and West Africa. Our team has been responsible for some of the largest commissioned solar systems in the country.

Our project office delivers cost effective and efficient solar and power backup solutions. Our projects achieve real long term financial and environmental savings to our clients at a lower cost than the status quo; buying energy from electricity companies and other fuel sources.

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